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Activities for kids in car

Beginning Sounds Coloring Pages

Don't do a great deal of worksheets with my preschool boys, but a car trip is the best time to pull a few out. I created this collection of 26 coloring pages. They simply should colour the images on each letter that start with that letter. You can get the free printable within this post.

Magnetic Pattern Block Activities

We Have routine blocks, but for this trip I bought a magnetic set of blocks so the kids can use them in their baking sheets. I found the massive pattern block activities at PreKinders. I printed a transportation, snowflake, and creatures set. The children can each set a paper in their board and cover it with the magnetic blocks. I also printed the small set of layouts out of Kelly's Kindergarten and jump them with a ring. (You will need to shrink her designs prior to printing them if you'd like them little.) My older children can recreate these images onto their own boards.

Road Trip Printables

Searched high and low free of street trip printables. These would be the best I could find because not only are they out of talented bloggers, they are also simple to download and print. The Beautiful road trip drawing prompts (empty road and truck) are from Picklebums. The Lovelyhand-drawn BINGO games are from Housing a Forest. The Simple and colorful Road Trip BINGO is from This Reading Mama. For Kids who can read, Interstate BINGO is just another interesting printable from This Reading Mama. My Five and Seven will enjoy this one. The Car Scavenger Hunt is out of a giant set of road excursion printables out of 123Homeschool4Me.

Snacks, Snacks... and Much More Snacks

And What would a long car ride be without snacks? We don't generally have prepackaged snacks in our home, but I'm making this trip an exception. I am packaging miniature chocolate chip cookies, honey graham sticks, crispy cheddar crackers, granola bars, and bunny bites. I am also packing a few dry cereal (a rare treat -- that our children have plain yogurt with just a scatter of cereal for breakfast), string cheese, snap peas, and baby carrots. Plus a brand-new water jug full of water.

Lap Boards

Have seen some remarkable DIY lapboards on Pinterest. However, I do not sew beyond buttons. I don't do well with wood, foam, or stretching fabric. I do not even cut a straight line. So this is my version of a DIY lap board. Locate A cheap magnetic skillet (tip -- they're not all magnetic; check first). This 9 x 13 tray cost 99 cents. Then get some markers or crayons and hot glue magnet strips to them (even glue strips may use that additional adhesive). Anything To keep my toddler out of dropping a marker each five seconds. The Sketchpad was from the dollar bin at Target.

Color by Number Addition Pages

My Seven requested for color by number pages. I wanted to create something which would challenge her and give her something she loves, so I put addition facts on those fairy tale characters. You can get the listing of ten free pages by visiting this post.

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