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Best custom car interior pictures

2012 Mercedes-Benz CL 800 Coupe

Custom Shop: Brabus Most Beautiful Feature: black Alcantara interior and White leather, carbon fiber dashboard elements We didn't think it was possible to utilize carbon fiber beams in a way. It is strength on racecars and a great material for sheer performance, but usually appears stupid and poserish . The combination of white leather and Alcantara, additionally makes us swoon. You heard us. Thank you to our faith into carbon fiber, Brabus.

Gemballa Mirage GT Black Edition

Custom Shop: Gemballa Most Outrageous Feature: The Chicago Bulls motif That could take precious time away that you need to admit your love to it, although we could wax rhapsodic about the glories of the inside. Carbon fiber, suede, leather -- they have never sung together so.

Mercedes-Benz W112 Gentle Pagoda

Custom Shop: Vilner Most Outrageous Feature: That diamond-stitched embroidery goes anywhere You know there is a car over-the-top with luxury when your suitcases can ride in style in the trunk. We pity the fool who drags a bag that is wheeled through mud before tossing it though.

Infiniti Essence Concept

Custom Shop: Infiniti Factory Most Outrageous Feature driver and passenger pods When you want to reduce the risk that you brush hands with your passenger, then this is the car. Although with those Alcantara seats and trim, we're sure your hands will find plenty of items to do.

Gemballa Mistrale

Custom Shop: Gemballa Most Outrageous Feature: Quilted leather-wrapped dashboard The Mistrale has quilted, cushiony leather and Alcantara everywhere you look in the cottage -- even in the footwells. When they enter a home, some people today take off their shoes. We believe you may want to do exactly the same when you grow to this car.

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